We are living in a techno-savvy world now, and every other person uses the android phone. Android phones function basically on pre-installed applications, which are known as apps in short. Whatsapp, facebook, instagram, Google chrome are some commonly used apps which are in the top list of ‘most frequently used apps’ of everyone. There are many other useful apps available in the Play store, which provides much more advanced features and resolves security issues. Even, many are an advanced yet simplified versions of gaming, messaging, study oriented of previously used apps. Here is a list of 5 android apps that you should must try apart from the old traditional ones:


The app is a perfect one for those who loves to check out the weather conditions on their area or some other. It is even good for those who had to travel frequently to long distances and regularly need the knowledge of the weather conditions. The app is a complete package and tells the full details about the weather of a particular location, like the temperature, weather, forecasts, predictions, radars, graphs, some fun facts about meteorology and even has a sun and moon tracker. It is a fun app and is available free of cost. Yet the paid version is also available with a mere charge of $1.99 which only differs from the free version as it does not have ads. As long as a person is not annoyed with the ads, the free version will suffice.


Textra is a beautiful texting app, which is pretty different from the old instant messaging app. The traditional messaging app could be just used to send messages in bulk and allows group chatting. Textra is different from others, as different themes and background could be set for different chats. The best feature of the app is that, for different chats a separate unique theme could be set up, if a user wants. The app is hence is much more colourful to the eyes and also has the functions of GIFs, customizable layouts, allows sending MMS and SMS and even you could send messages through the notification bar. It has approx 800 emoji options and can be used as a replacement of the traditional android messaging app.



The app is available in both options paid and unpaid. The paid version is free pop up ads whereas the free version does contain ads. Yet, the functioning of both the versions is same. The AppLock is used to password protect your apps by setting a password and saving your personal files from being invaded by snooping eyes or children. The app sets password for every other application you allow to be locked. Every time you open the locked application, you need to feed the password to open it. Hence, a good app for those who have lots of privacy issues and have a lots of confidential data in their phones.



It is one the most loved app as it has a wide variety of coupon for different goods and services you purchase. The app allows you to view coupons available by different retail or online stores. The coupons you subsequently used are saved in the history file. The app contains coupons of almost all the famous stores, restaurants, hotels, online stores etc. You can use different coupons available and save penny. The app is worth a chance giving by those who love to shop and bargain too.


Imgur and Giphy are the two most frequently used image database on playstore. It is an online image sharing community and allows the users to see the magic of internet. The apps contain a bulk of different GIFs, images, little fun facts, funny pictures, hence all the phone entertainment materials. Many of the pictures you see on Twitter, Whatsapp, Facebook comes from Imgur only. The app can be used to sort out that correct GIF for a particular reaction and can have fun with your family and friends. Founded by Alan Schaaf, it is a free app can be even used when bored, can be just scrolled down to see new and different pictures, jokes and to relax for a while.

Different unique apps are available on the playstore which could be downloaded for a better work culture, better communication and even for increased fun when bored.