With the age modern technological age we are leading, our mobile phones have become the most important parts of our life. Almost everyone has an android phone nowadays, with the most essential app, Whatsapp in it. From chatting to sending important files and information, Whatsapp is one the most used texting app in today’s era. Apart from the traditional texts and multimedia you could send, here are some more features available in it which should definitely try:

1) TURN OFF THE BLUE TICKS – Sometimes, we just need to read the message but hide it from the sender that we have read it. Whatsapp provides the option of hiding the blue ticks option. For android users the option is go to Settings> then click on Account option> click on Privacy option further> now untick the Read Receipts option provided. This will hide the blue ticks despite us reading the messages and only two ticks will be visible to the sender.

2) FORMATTING OF TEXT – Whatsapp even allows you to format text like making it bold, italic or the option of strikethrough. For making the text bold, add asterisks to either side of the required word to make it *bold*.  For italics add underscore to either side of word to make it look _italics_. Even the option of strikethrough is available. Add tildes to either side of the word and the word will be have the ~strikethrough~ line inserted.

3) FINDING THE MOST ‘CHATTED PERSON’ ON WHATSAPP – You can check with whom you have chatted the most on the app. Follow these steps to check it out-Settings > Data and Storage Usage > Storage Usage > Select Contact.

4) BOOKMARKING IMPORTANT MESSAGES – There are some messages important than others and you would need them to check out frequently. Here are the steps you can follow to star a message- Chats > Specific chat > Specific message > Hold down and press the star.

5) CUSTOMIZING THE NOTIFICATIONS – You can customize the notifications for different persons on Whatsapp so that it become easy to differentiate about who has sent the message. Follow the required steps- Chats > Specific chat > Tap on contact name at top > Custom Notifications

6) LOCKING WHATSAPP – There may be some messages in the app which are very personal to you and you have privacy issues. For locking Whatsapp with a pin, Lock for Whatsapp app, and set the required password. Whenever you will open Whatsapp the next time, the window asking you to feed the required password will appear. Hence, it’s an easy way to protect your personals from snooping eyes. You can download this app from Play Store.

7) RECOVER DELETED MESSAGES – There may be instances when you might have lost your chats and wanted to restore them. Follow the steps to recover your chats. Connect your phone with a PC using a cable> Select folder name Whatsapp/ database> From the two options msgstore-yyyy..dd..db.crypt and msgstore.db.crypt select msgstore-yyyy..dd..db.crypt file.> The file contains all the chats of last 7 days.

8) CREATE SHORTCUTS FOR FREQUENTLY CONTACTED FRIENDS – A shortcut can be created on the desktop of the phone using the following steps in Whatsapp. Long press the contact for whom you want to create the shortcut> A pop up menu will appear> Select Add conversation shortcut option in that> The shortcut will appear in the desktop of your phone.

9) CHANGING THE PHONE NUMBER WHILE KEEPING THE SAME ACCOUNT – You can change the number of the Whatsapp you are using while keeping your account same. The chats and the data will not be deleted only your number will be changed. Go to settings> Account> Change number> Type your old and the new number> your number will be changed.


Sending pictures and music is very common in Whatsapp. But you can also send big files of spreadsheet, word, presentations etc. on it. Follow the simple steps for this. Download Dropbox and Cloudsend app from playstore> Open the cloudsend app and link it with

dropbox> Now share the file on cloudsend and the file will get transferred to Dropbox> Now copy the link through the Dropbox app and send it to your friend.

 Do try these other features of Whatsapp for a improvised experience and better services.